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What are most headlights made of?
Since the 1980’s manufacturers wanted lighter, more streamlined cars so they used polycarbonate plastic or bulletproof glass. This is lighter in weight than glass and yet more resistant to breaking from stones on the road. It also can be molded to any shape, making it especially good for the more aerodynamic designs.   However, while it is strong and impact resistant, the surface is easily scratched.  It is also very easily degraded when exposed to sunlight.
What causes the headlights to turn hazy, yellow and cloudy? 
When cars leave the factory they are coated with a UV cured hard coat.  This coating from the factory wears off and the sun’s UV rays cause the plastic to develop micro-cracks and pitting. This traps the light inside and makes the outside look cloudy.  After extended periods of exposure the unprotected lens can become scorched causing it to yellow.  The factory coating varies in quality with each manufacturer.  All headlights will deteriorate over time, even luxury models.
How does Lumina restore headlights and how is it different from other processes on the market?
A damaged headlight traps light inside the lens via diffraction and very little light emerges onto the road – up to 80% less!  With the headlight still in the car, we sand this damage away and apply an OEM-quality protective UV hard coat that has the same index of refraction as the original polycarbonate so the light now passes freely through the lens.  Many other products on the market consist of polishes and buffing compounds.  While they may clear-up the ugliness they still leave the lens exposed to the elements.  Lumina’s product is an OEM-quality coating that gives you a tough, durable, lasting UV protective coating.
What do I need to do to use your mobile service?
Nothing.  We can come to your home, work, friend’s house, nearby parking lot, gas station, or RTD parking garage.  We have everything that we should need for the job with us at all times so you can be on your way in no time.  All you really need is your car and some form of payment.
How long does the average repair take?
Most headlights can be repaired in less than 30 minutes – less than an hour total for any vehicle.
How long will the new coating last?
Since this is a product that is designed to protect your headlights it will wear out over time.  Just like the factory coating, this coating will be exposed to road debris, sunlight, and other elements while still protecting the polycarbonate beneath.  Most jobs will last 3-5 years before any noticeable wear can be seen and up to 10 years before they look terrible again.
How do I need to treat my newly coated lights?
You should be able to treat them just as you always have.  The protective UV hardcoat uses cross-hatching polymers to bind to the polycarbonate beneath.  If waxing the vehicle you can wax over the headlights to add an additional layer of protection (especially a high-quality UV wax).  You shouldn’t have to treat them any differently.  However you shouldn’t beat on them – if you are trying to remove the coating you probably will.

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