Lumina currently offers many services in order meet all of your headlight restoration needs.

Standard Headlight Restoration:  We have restored hundreds of headlights on all types of vehicles.  The basic process involves removing the disgusting, unsafe, and cloudy layer of polycarbonate.  Once this is completely removed we prepare the surface to promote adhesion of the product.  When ready we apply a generous amount of UV protective hardcoat and cure with a UV light for a hard, clear, and safe surface.  Most jobs range from $65 to $125 for both lights.  We also offer multi-car discounts – retail and wholesale.

Standard Rear Light Restoration:   Same process as the headlight restoration but this process makes the reds, yellows, and clears of tail light lenses bright and beautiful.  Jobs start at $25.

Bulb Replacement:  We can replace your burned out bulbs.  We test your lights before we leave the job and can recommend and replace anything that isn’t working correctly.

Light Replacement:  We can usually source a used, or new, replacement headlight unit if yours cannot be restored for much lower than the dealership.  Prices vary.

Other polycarbonate/plastic restoration & coatings:  This phenomenal product can bring clarity and UV protection to many items made from polycarbonate.  Motorcycle windshields, helmet visors, aircraft windshields, police riot shields, and many others.  Call for a quote.

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